Refund Policy

Cancellations: You may edit or cancel your order at any time while the ordering window is open. After the ordering window closes, all sales are final and cannot be changed, canceled, nor refunded, and your account will be charged for the entirety of your order.

Retail Pick Ups: Please pick up your order at your selected location and time. If you cannot make it, ask a friend to pick it up for you! If your order is not retrieved within your selected site’s timeframe, your order is considered abandoned with no refund.

Damaged or Inedible Goods: We are proud to offer the highest quality local foods in the Gorge, picked and packed to order. However, we know sometimes the unexpected happens- that’s the nature of farming (and life)! In the off chance that your food reaches you in an unacceptable or unsatisfactory condition, or you are missing product that was not taken off your final invoice, you must let us know within two business days of pickup or delivery by sending an email, including a photo of the product in question, to We do not offer refunds but will happily credit your account for the lost goods. Credits issued will be automatically applied to your next order. Please note that customers are responsible for properly storing the product received; we will not issue credits for damages caused by improperly storing or failing to wash products before consumption. For food storage tips, check out this website.