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Klickitat Canyon Winery
Address: 6 Lyle Snowden Rd Lyle, WA, 98635
Phone: 541-400-8147
About Us
Our farm was started 30 years ago by Robin Dobson. Seeing a potential for wine grapes, Robin transformed this traditional cattle ranch into an Eco-Dynamic vineyard and winery. Planting native wildflowers and bunchgrasses in the old alfalfa fields helped establish a healthy, productive meadow ecosystem that provides continuous ground cover, soil nutrition, and habitat for beneficial insects and microbiology. With a traditional winemaking method instilled in him from Europe, Robin utilized the unique identity of the vineyard to ferment wines on native yeasts with minimal intervention. This creates wines with character and identity. Almost 25 years later his son, Kiva, started making infused vinegars and expanding operations on the farm to incorporate more regenerative agriculture techniques into the business. Using chickens to help spread compost and add water holding capacity to the soil while also trapping carbon was a first step. Using the manure from the chickens to feed the 5000 sq ft production garden with a continuous mulching system helps protect the soil from the arid summer heat and provides a high nitrogen fertilizer in sandy soils. Kiva also started using a lot of the herbs and berries produced to make infused vinegars with wine produced on site. Our farm produces dry farmed vegetables, eggs, vinegars, and pesto with plums, table grapes, and apples coming in a few years.
Certified Organic and Bee Better Certified our farm uses regenerative agriculture practices to maintain a healthy farm. We maintain a native meadow ecosystem in our no-till vineyard that creates living space and forage for native pollinators and wildlife. In our garden we are using permaculture techniques to reduce heat stress and water loss associated with climate change and fresh water supply loss. Shade, compost,