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The Little Seven Seven Ranch
Contact: Mary Kleihege
Address: 386 Lyle-Snowden Road p.o. box 307 Lyle, WA, 98635
Phone: 509-767-7130
About Us

The Little Seven Seven Ranch raises grass-fed Highland Beef on our family owned and managed hillside ranch. Known for flavor and tenderness, Highland Beef is higher in protein, iron and Omega 3s and lower in fat and cholesterol than other beef. We are raising this slow growing heritage breed to produce the best and healthiest beef possible for the consumer. L77 Beef is USDA packaged and inspected.

Our cattle browse over 1800 acres in The Columbia River Gorge, enjoying a biodiverse diet of perennial native grasses and brush. Fields, forest, rocks and hills allow this ancient and hardy breed to live the lifestyle for which they were bred.

The L77 is dedicated to all natural practices best suited for our cattle and the land which supports them. Highland Cattle do very well with little interference. A robust breed, Highland Cattle are known for happily eating what other cattle would leave behind. First, they go after the grasses. Then, they move to shrubs and weeds, cleaning up the land. A varied diet translates into healthy beef.

The Highland Cattle are an important part of our forest restoration projects. The L77 is continually working with the state to reduce the risk of wildfire on our land. By keeping "fuels" (grasses, plants, shrubs, weeds) under control, our Highland Cattle do their part in reducing the risk of wildfire.

Our customers enjoy coming to The Gorge and seeing the impressive Highland Cattle visible from public roads.

Need we say it?: No antibiotics, growth hormones or grain for our livestock. Our land has never been subject to pesticides or herbicides.

Bred to travel, room to roam is important to Highland Cattle. Our forested pastures are large, some over 200 acres. This allows cattle to traverse fields and forest, drinking from streams and eating brushes and grass. When they have "cleaned up" a pasture, we move them on to a fresh piece of land. Good for the cattle, good for the land.