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Tre-Fin Foods
Address: P.O. Box 48 Ilwaco, WA, 98624
Phone: 503-290-8965
About Us
Tre-Fin is a day boat fisher and processor based in Ilwaco, Washington. We deliver the highest-quality, traceable seafood available, and are committed to using sustainable fishing practices to upend the way the industry operates.

We started as albacore fishers (we're still the only registered Day Boat Tuna fisher in the region), bringing hook and line-caught juvenile Pacific albacore back to port within 24 hours for processing in our own facility. In 2018, we outfitted our boat, the F/V Opportunity, with longline gear allowing us to fish healthy populations, at the rate at which they replenish, in Oregon and Washington waters throughout the year. These include black cod, several species of rockfish, petrale sole, ling cod, halibut and skate.

Some of our whole (and processed) fish is sold fresh, but the studies around frozen fish being a better option--for fisheries, fishers, the environment and eaters--mean most of our product is immediately flash frozen and sold in that form. We hope to shift seafood industry practices by proving the viability of this model.
We use these Day Boat methods to produce albacore and groundfish:
● We fish healthy populations with intention, using methods unique to our industry.
● We handle each fish individually, bleeding them immediately upon landing and immersing them in an ice & salt water surry.
● After cooling, each fish is packed in ice and brought back to the dock within 24 hours of being caught.
● Fresh fish are offloaded and brought to our processing facility (also in port) where they are hand cut in-house, one at a time.
● Portioned fish are vacuum-packed and flash frozen immediately, ensuring the quality, texture and flavor of the fish.