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M&P Ranches
Address: 945 Saxton Bane Rd Goldendale, WA, 98620
Phone: 512-963-6567
About Us
M&P Ranches was started in 2014 by Merrit and Pierre Monnat when they moved their small sheep flock to the high desert plains of Goldendale WA. The flock has now grown to roughly 400 fine-wooled sheep and 3 guardian dogs. We traditionally sell our lamb as whole carcasses to restaurants and butcher shops, so we are excited for the opportunity to sell individual cuts to you through the Gorge Farmer Collective. While we are passionate about providing high quality meat, we are also passionate about the wool our sheep produce every year. Pierre is a professional sheep shearer, traveling all over the North West to shear flocks of all sizes. Our wool is used to produce our own yarn, and by other small yarn producers of the NW. Much of our wool also ends up at Pendleton Woolen Mills, becoming part of their legendary wool shirts.
Our sheep are exclusively pastured and grass fed. After lambing in the spring, the sheep move from pasture to pasture, grazing on dry sagebrush country to grass and alfalfa fields. The flock stays together as one group, grazing over 1000 acres before coming home for the winter months. We feed hay produced locally until lambing season when the cycle starts again. We are passionate about maintaining healthy animals, and improving the land they graze by helping to remove invasive weeds, naturally fertilizing, and lessening fuels for wild fires. We believe that our management practices create a unique product that is apparent in the flavor and texture of our lamb.