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Bran & Ash LLC
Address: 3410 Avalon Drive Hood River, OR, 97031
Phone: 530-574-6706
About Us
Casey Hardi began baking at Konditorei and has since worked at Columbia City Bakery, Della Fattoria & Upper Crust. Zoe started her own catering business, wrote a cookbook and graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Food Science & Brewing. While both working at a bakery in California, they met and hatched the idea to start their own bakery. Together they found a mutual passion for exploring and experimenting with food. Bran & Ash is a means for them to share that passion with their community; they hope that their bread is as exciting to eat as it is to make.
Our micro-bakery serves as a platform for us to bake the bread that we want to eat and share it with the community. Bran & Ash embraces the "slow food" mentality; producing handmade, small batch goods with local products. The bakery sources all of its seasonal produce locally from the Farmers Market and other neighboring farms. Grains come from local mills and are used whole whenever possible.

Our business mission of embracing the "slow food" mentality means that we create our products around three ideas: good, clean and fair. Good food is handmade on a small scale, using care to preserve the integrity of the raw ingredient while still transforming it into an artisan product. Clean food focuses on products, techniques and ingredients that are good for the environment, the people making them and the people eating them. Lastly, the idea of fair foods means fair trade on a small scale; we make sure that the people we are buying from treat their employees fairly and that we provide our products at a fair price.