Total Eclipse Farm
Contact: Paul and Julie Hansen
Address: 4390 Leasure Drive Mt Hood Parkdale, OR, 97041
Phone: 503-970-7624
About Us
Total Eclipse Farm is a 20 acre lot in the upper Hood River Valley, a few miles outside of Parkdale. The bulk of the property is in pasture grass and wooded. We have 1/2 acre of mixed vegetable and berry production starting in 2019 and are hoping to continue to grow this. We sell through the Gorge Farmers Collective, as well as to local restaurants and we provide fresh food to the local food bank on a regular basis.
Our garden is entirely a 'by hand' production. What labor is not provided by me or my wife is provided by WWOOF'ers. Although not certified as organic, our methods are organic or natural. We use only organic fertilizers and pesticides (e.g. Neem Oil) as needed. We are building our own compost and mulch, minimizing outside inputs. The land is incredibly productive and we are working to keep it healthy and naturally diverse.