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Bowdish Ranches LLC
Address: 72 Olson Road Goldendale, WA, 98620
Phone: 509-261-0178
About Us
Located in the beautiful Klickitat County, our family’s cattle are raised from start to finish, calf to your plate, on grass grown right here at our farm. Established in the early 1900s in Wasco County our herd has been managed by our family for five generations, represented by the same AM brand that has brought our family together for many years. Our long lines and deep roots in the Columbia Gorge have provided a unique pride in the beef raised by our family. This pride is why we track our herds’ genetics and manage their feed so we can ensure only the best beef we can produce makes it to your plate. Our Mission is to provide healthy and delicious beef to our community that will bring families together for generations.
Our animals are raised start to finish on grass grown on our farm. These animals are pasture raised their whole life. We have pasture rotations in which the cows and calves have access to cover crop and forage mixes. This keeps them happy, healthy, and strong. Whenever the weather allows, all cattle are pastured. When weather does not allow, cattle are still fed hay produced by the same pastures they rotate through. We calve in August on nutrient-rich green pastures to avoid cold temperatures, snow, and mud. We believe this is crucial in making sure the animals have the best start that we can possibly give them. We use low stress techniques for working and raising our cattle. From birth, calves have access to rich, green forages. This helps the mothers stay healthy, therefore benefiting the calves through their milk. Our animals are not pastured in the mountains where food and attention is scarce. The cattle have frequent interaction with humans as we check on them regularly. When working our cattle, we do not push them with electricity and strive to keep their stress as low as possible. We often joke that our animals are truly pasture pets on a large scale.