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Kelly & Friends Natural Meats
Address: 5415 hwy 35 Parkdale, OR, 97041
Phone: 541-399-7277
About Us
We are a family owned and operated farm based in Parkdale, Oregon. We specialize in the small batch farming of 100% grass fed and finished beef, pastured poultry and naturally raised heritage pork. All of our meat is antibiotic and hormone free.

A lifetime of working with livestock and more than ten years raising and selling quality meats has taught us that small herd sizes are the key to the health and sustainability of our animals and the land. By owning and leasing land in Hoodriver, Wasco and Klickatat counties , we go the extra mile to ensure our animals consistently have access to a variety of forage and optimal seasonal conditions.

This concept allows us to mimic more closely a natural life cycle and give more individualized care when needed.

Our farm is committed to consciously raising healthy food for our family and yours