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Peachwood Orchard
Address: 4800 Binns Hill Dr. Hood River, OR, 97031
Phone: 562-447-7711
About Us
Owner-operated small organic peach orchard with over 20 varieties of peaches located in Hood River, OR. We take pride in picking our tree-ripened peaches ourselves along with volunteers who work with us while learning how to grow organic peaches and food. As a Xicana farmer, Alma has a deep appreciation to have access to land and a commitment to share the bounty and work with community. Her partner Dave works hard to grow and harvest peaches on top of his full-time schedule at the local hospital. We love working on our orchard and focus on providing the best peaches possible by harvesting at peak ripeness so they can be delivered to you fresh off the trees.

You'll find unique varieties of peaches that you won't find in the store, why not try them all this summer?
Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. We pull from many influences by incorporating holistic orcharding practices and permaculture techniques