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Queen of Hearts
Address: 216 Cascade Avenue, Ste 222 Hood River, OR, 97031
Phone: 541-490-9621
About Us
Tonia started Queen of Hearts in 2018 after working in the world of cancer for 13 years. She was a pioneer in developing experiential programming to help address the psychosocial effects of cancer to improve quality of life. She won Self Magazine’s Woman of the Year award and Livestrong’s Young Adult Cancer Survivorship award for her work, however after 12 years she sighed witnessing an ongoing challenge with the people she served.

The more she worked with cancer survivors, the more she recognized roadblocks that kept coming up during and after battling their disease: a broken food system and a failed healthcare system. Digging deeper, she learned that cancer rates were increasing as our food and agriculture system were degrading. This inspired Tonia to dive into functional, anti-inflammatory foods that were as good for our soils as for our health. It was then that Tonia and her husband Gregg discovered the health benefits of the nutritional hemp seed and made it the foundation of everything they make.

One of their most popular products are their Superfood Dressings made with hemp hearts. It just so happens salad dressings are #2 only to energy drinks for products disguised as "healthy." Tonia was on a mission to shake up this toxic food category, eliminating the inflammatory ingredients typically found in dressings (soybean oil, canola, sugar, dairy, preservatives & fillers) while providing whole, real ingredients that had a positive purpose.

All of Queen of Hearts' dressings are 100% plant-based and boldly-flavorful with a solid boost of Omega 3's. Blending in real food ingredients with a low-heat process, these carefully-crafted dressings deliver robust nutrients and flavors without compromise.
Hempseeds are American-grown (never imported, like most)
We work with farms that use regenerative and organic farming practices
Seeds are always cold-pressed for oil, never blended.
We make dressings with a slow & low heat process that keeps flavors bold and bright rather than dull and muted.
Gluten-free products
100% plant-based
No hydrogenated oils
No sugar
No preservatives
No soy (inflammatory oil)
Fresh citrus not from concentrate